‘Better Call Saul’ Will Return To Omaha. Is That Where We’ll Find Jesse Pinkman?

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Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould — co-creators of the Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul — appeared on the Rich Eisen Show on Thursday and discussed a few interesting details about the upcoming events on the series. First and foremost, they revealed that we’ll be seeing more of Omaha, which is where Jimmy/Saul ends up after the events of Breaking Bad.

“How could you not want to see where this guy ultimately ends up?” Gilligan said. “The future of Better Call Saul, we kind of want to see where this character goes. The story is not over in Omaha.”

That brings up an interesting possibility, too. Aaron Paul has said on several occasions that he’d like to appear on Saul, and Gilligan and Gould are on the record as saying that it didn’t work out in Season 1. In fact, Gould reiterated that to Eisen, saying that he “just didn’t seem to fit into the story.”

Others, including Gould, have suggested that it’d be odd to see a 30-something Aaron Paul playing a high-school version of Jesse Pinkman in the 2002-set Saul, but what about this possibility? What if, in the future (or rather, the present day Saul in Omaha), Jesse and Saul Goodman’s lives intersected again?

“Stay tuned for future seasons,” Peter Gould said. “We love Bryan [Cranston] and Aaron, and boy, I would love to have them on the show.”

“Really, the sky’s the limit,” Gilligan added, suggesting that they could bring anyone back, including Gus Fring.

It may be a stretch to suggest that Paul could come back in the Omaha section of Saul, but Jesse Pinkman did survive, and his future was left open-ended. How great would it be if the lives of Saul and Jesse converged once again?

I know just the guy who could make that happen, too.

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Source: The Rich Eisen Show

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