New ‘Better Call Saul’ Teaser: Hey, Jimmy’s Getting Drunk In A Mariachi Bar

This is the latest teaser for season two of Better Call Saul, which premieres February 15 on AMC. It features Jimmy McGill sitting in either a Mexican bar or a Mexican-themed bar located somewhere other than Mexico (possibilities include: New Mexico, Iceland, other places), wearing a plain navy blue hat, and drinking by himself while staring dismissively at the vibrating phone he’s trying to ignore. Things appear to be going great for Jimmy! Or possibly Saul. Or possibly his Cinnabon-managing cover identity, now mustache-free and south of the border. The possibilities are endless, to the extent you consider three possibilities “endless.”

Two other notes: One, according to this tweet from Better Call Saul executive producer Peter Gould, the mariachi song in the teaser was actually written by him and Vince Gilligan, which I love because it means the two of them — at some point — took a break from the high-stress task of producing the second season of a critically acclaimed series that was spun off of a critically beloved series so they could write a mariachi song for a 30-second teaser. This dedicated commitment to screwing around is to be lauded far and wide.

And two, never trust anyone wearing a plain navy blue hat. They’re hiding something. I guarantee it.