Something ‘Terrifying’ Is Going To Happen In The ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 Finale

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06.19.17 5 Comments


No one on Better Call Saul is happy.

Nacho was thrown out of the house by his father, Gus Fring has a new bully in Hector Salamanca, Howard is being sued by Chuck, Chuck was recently embarrassed in front of the woman he loves, Kim crashed her car on the way to an important meeting because she’s very tired and very sad, Jimmy just pocketed a cool million bucks but Kim won’t celebrate with him and he made a nice old lady cry, and Mike, well, has Mike ever been happy? (No.) All the pieces are in place for a downer season finale, although co-creator Peter Gould teases “there are also characters who make a change for the better.”

I hope it’s Irene. She deserves better friends.

“So many things that have been cooking — some of them through all three seasons of the show — finally come to a boil,” Gould told Entertainment Weekly. “The end of the season is unlike anything we’ve done on Better Call Saul, and it certainly leads to a helluva lot of questions.” He continued, “There are moments in this final episode that are very happy, there are moments that are bittersweet, and frankly there’s a sequence that I find terrifying.”

Gould isn’t the only one hinting at something “terrifying.”

“The bell toils.” A guest spot on Talking Saul? I’m scared for Nacho.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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