‘Better Call Saul’ Has A New Season 3 Teaser And Jimmy Is Already In Big Trouble

This is the first teaser for the upcoming third season of Better Call Saul. It features exactly five seconds of actual footage. Despite this minuscule run time, however, the clip tells us two potentially important things.

THING #1: Jimmy is getting booked by the authorities for… something. This is notable because — whoop whoop, spoilers comin’ through — season two ended with Jimmy’s brother, Chuck, making a surreptitious recording of Jimmy confessing to the form-doctoring fraud he committed to screw Chuck over. The implication here, one would think, is that maybe that action led to Jimmy’s arrest and booking on as-yet-unspecified charges, which will push him further down the road toward becoming Saul Goodman for as-yet-unspecified reasons.

THING #2: Jimmy is about six feet tall, if we give him that quarter inch of slightly tussled hair. You would think that’s not important, but you never know with creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. The whole season could hinge on it for all we know.

So there you have it. Matter settled. Although I guess he could have also gotten arrested for an unrelated offense. And without seeing his feet, we don’t know for sure that he’s really six feet tall. Like, maybe he got arrested for trespassing at a pet store — questioning a dog witness? — and he bribed that photographer to let him stand on an apple crate to hide the fact that he’s actually 5’4. Classic Slippin’ Jimmy. So I guess we don’t know that much after all.

Either way, fingers crossed for more montages.