Here’s What We Can Expect From The ‘Better Call Saul’ Season Finale

The finale of Better Call Saul‘s first season airs tomorrow night. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Tom Schnauz discussed how last week’s episode effected Monday night’s episode:

In Breaking Bad, a lot of stuff happens in the penultimate episode, as opposed to the finale. We knew if we had this big blow up, it’s like, do we want to wait a whole year before we know what happens? Or do we want to see how Jimmy deals with it? I think that’s what’s so great about the next episode — episode ten, which is written and directed by Peter Gould. There’s one scene in particular where Bob does this epic monologue. It’s just fantastic.

Bob Odenkirk referenced the epic monologue in question in a separate interview with THR:

I find it to be an involving challenge to attempt to do the work as written, even in a speech that long. Exactly, exactly as written.

I maintain that the star of the show is the writing, and all the rest of us are supporting players, including the guy who plays Saul.

Schnauz also touched on the lack of Nacho throughout season one and the slower transition from Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman:

We were very surprised too how little Nacho (Michael Mando) there was this season. When we started the season, we thought, “of course Jimmy McGill is going to quickly slide towards being Saul Goodman.” What we discovered while breaking it was the transition was much slower than we realized, and that he doesn’t become Saul Goodman immediately. The crossing over with Nacho — it just didn’t make sense, once we started getting into it. Once he was done with Nacho in episode four, he didn’t have any scene to go back and make a lot of money with him, and Nacho didn’t come to him with some grand ideas. If you asked me when we started episode one, how much Nacho we would have had, I would have thought he’d be in every episode. (Via)

Better Call Saul airs Monday night at 10 PM ET on AMC.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)