‘Better Call Saul’ Has Jimmy Expressing A Little Regret In The Latest Preview For Season Three

With the confirmed return of Gus Fring for season three of Better Call Saul, the show seems poised to both bridge the gap and stand on its own in relation to Breaking Bad. Along with that delicious chicken at TCA 2017 and the bubbly advertisement for Los Pollos Hermanos, the folks at AMC released a new preview for season three. Given that the rest of the previews for the show have been very Gus heavy, it is only fitting that the latest focuses on Jimmy / Saul himself and the relationships we’ve seen bloom on the show.

Here we see how the partnership between Kimberly and Jimmy is working out following the conclusion of season two. There’s definitely a lot on his mind, possibly some time traveling fight with Billy Bob Thornton, but he seems to have some support in Kim going into season three.

There’s also some mention of Chuck, still weighing heavily on his brother despite some pretty obvious instances where he hasn’t been very brotherly. But enjoying a moment where your brother isn’t a jerk or angry with you is pretty special, so you can see why it might weigh heavily on good ol’ Saul.

Too bad this season is likely going to ramp up the nasty bits and get some people hurt. You don’t bring back a big bad like Gus Fring to just have him deliver chicken.

(Via AMC)