Better Late Than Never, Check Out The Entire ‘Game Of Thrones’ Panel From Comic-Con

The worst thing about San Diego Comic-Con for people who don’t attend is that we miss out on all of the awesome exclusive previews for our favorite TV shows and upcoming movies, as well as the great insight that the stars deliver during their panels. Most of the time, we at least get to read quotes and news from those panels, but having someone describe what the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser looked like obviously isn’t anywhere as good as actually witnessing it. Fortunately for fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones, though, we don’t have to use our imaginations anymore to think of the wonderful things that the show’s actors said during their panel at this year’s Comic-Con.

The complete 55-minute panel discussion has been uploaded to the Game of Thrones YouTube channel so we can finally watch moderator Craig Ferguson make dick jokes while poor John Bradley tries to explain just how cold it was when they were filming in Iceland. But much more importantly, George R.R. Martin answered questions from fans, and that’s always great for unintentional comedy.