Card Shark Betty White Shows James Corden Her Best Poker Face

National treasure Betty White turned 95 years young earlier this year, and so far the comedic legend seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. During a visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday night, White revealed that she still keeps a regular poker night with a group of girlfriends, of which Corden demanded an invitation to being that: “I am the sort of person you should invite, because I don’t know how to play poker, but in my head I think I can.”

“Oooh, you’re the best kind! You’re the best kind!” White energetically agreed. “Oh, we have fun,” she continued. “It’s the same group of friends, we’ve played for years, and we don’t play for a lot of money … in fact we don’t play for any money. But we play for blood.” After the Golden Girls star admitted that poker is “serious business,” Corden asked her, “Give me your best poker face. Imagine you’ve looked at the cards, and you’ve got nothing, but you want me to think you’ve got the big ones.”

And yes, after getting a glimpse of Betty White’s poker face, it would seem that playing poker with Betty White would indeed be terrifying. Eat your heart out Lady Gaga.