‘BH90210’ Is Not Coming Back For A Second Season

Consumers of 2019 love them some reboots, or at least they like the idea of them. Not every revival sticks. For every Twin Peaks: The Return or (perhaps improbably) Hawaii Five-0, there’s a Lethal Weapon or, due to unpredictable reasons, Roseanne. Now another one bites the dust: As per Deadline, BH90210, which exhumed the Aaron Spelling Fox classic, has been given the axe only one season in, and a mere few months after hitting the air.

Granted, the Beverly Hills 90210 sequel was never a traditional revival. It was a six-episode limited series, and one that swapped out the original’s teen-focused prime time soap for wink-winky self-referential comedy. Did you think Sharkando’s Ian Ziering was going to play it straight again? The original now fortysomething cast returned in bulk, save, of course, the late Luke Perry, who passed before shooting commenced.

BH90210 arrived nearly 30 years after the original program, which launched in 1990 and stuck around for 10 seasons — long enough for the Steven Sanders-approved The Flaming Lips to go from guest stars to rock gods. The revival drew from its ensemble cast’s real lives, and it even ended with our heroes’ selling a show to a major network, only for it be dramatically retooled by meddling execs.

Will that be the end of Brandon and Brenda and David and Carly, the character played by two-time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank, who was not on BH90210? Perhaps, perhaps not. Still, it is sad that the revival, unlike Donna Martin, did not graduate.

(Via Deadline)