UPROXX Investigates: A Look At The Second Episode Of Comedy Central’s ‘Big Time In Hollywood, FL’

Ever since Jimmy Staats [Ben Stiller] was shot a million times to his death in the first episode of Comedy Central’s Big Time in Hollywood, FL, Jack and Ben [Alex Anfanger and Lenny Jacobson] have found themselves wrapped up in a lie they can’t escape.

Yet, their primary concern remains being forced to leave their parents’ nest. They express their concerns for their future in a short video to share with their loving parents [Stephen Tobolowsky and Kathy Baker]. Jack yells at them, “Soak it up because you are looking at my future, alright? Eating goulash and sucking some homeless guy’s dick.”

They have no choice but to continue their ruse of Ben being a drug addict, Staats being an evil drug dealer who deserved to die, and Del being raped by Staats. When put through the rigmarole of police investigation their lies are convincing. But when detective Jim Zdorkin [Marcus Giamatti] asks to speak to Del, the brothers know he could never convincingly keep up with all the lies. Especially considering that Del didn’t realize Staats actually died and thought he was just an insanely talented actor.

Jack proposes they just kill Del [Jon Bass] by gassing him in the garage. Ben opts for another plan, one that will keep him alive: direct Del to answer all of Jim’s queries with “I don’t recall.” But since Del can’t comply with the interrogator’s questions, Jim has no choice but to subject him to a rape kit test. Here is where we are introduced to the darling Darla [Betsy Sodaro], who administers the test. She is immediately taken aback by Del’s beauty and says to him, “Somebody order a rape kit?… I will be raping… rape kitting you.” The romantic seed has been planted.

Meanwhile Ben’s family still believes that he is a bona fide drug addict, leading to an intervention held by a former addict and drug counselor [Matt Besser]. The lies continue when they blame Del for dealing them crack cocaine, claiming he is the root of their problems. The mother is highly suspicious of Del. Ben is sent to rehab. And Jack still has to move out of the house.

The show’s creators and writers, Anfanger and Dan Schimpf, [who spoke with us previously about the making of their show] talk us through some special moments from the second episode.

The Cinematic Opening:

DAN SCHIMPF: Those cold opens became a really big part of the show because it’s a good reminder, as the story progresses and becomes less specifically about the boys making movies, that the theme of cinema is throughout. It’s always there and is always tangible. Also, the cold opens are a much more fun and interesting way to tell the story sometimes.

ALEX ANFANGER: The rule with us is it always has to be connected. Even in the first few episodes, they are still linked to a character. So, for those, it’s the way for the boys to see their films being made. As long as it is tied to the story. But then it became a game to figure out, well, what’s the best way we can stylize a cold open and also have it relate to the episode as a whole?

SCHIMPF: Eventually, it’s fun to think of the cold opens as, is this a movie or is this real? Thematically, it’s something that’s really fun to play around with.

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