The Best Moments From This Week’s ‘Big Time In Hollywood, FL’ On Comedy Central

This week’s Big Time in Hollywood, FL on Comedy Central had Ben, Jack and Del trying desperately to fix the situation they’ve found themselves in. Yet they somehow still wind up with a suicide on their hands, dick pics in their mother’s inbox, and Keith David on their case.

We last left the Dolfe boys and Del with a volatile Det. Scoles.

After hearing the full story, Scoles was in disbelief…

… but he got over it.

Things were going well, until Scoles continued his Russian Roulette routine.

Del was of no help.

This left the guys covering up a suicide to make it look more like a suicide. After some bleach…

… and a new revelation about “death boners.”

Jack got a brilliant idea…

… but the dick pic did not go to a random hooker.

That made Dad leave a very angry voice mail…

… which may not have been the best move for a dead guy.

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