The Best Moments From This Week’s ‘Big Time In Hollywood, FL’ On Comedy Central

On this week’s Big Time in Hollywood, FL the Dolfes got themselves an actual movie to make starring an Academy Award winner. Of course there were some caveats.

Apparently being kidnapped was the best environment for Ben and Jack to make up.

Even better, they weren’t in any real danger.

Turned out Jack’s dream was becoming a reality.

The Dolfes came up with a script Cuba liked.

And Cuba came up a budget the Dolfes liked.

The Dolfe boys proceeded to show off their new fortune to their parents…

.. quickly gaining the attention of Agent Malloy.

The FBI quickly surmised Cuba’s situation and found a guy that could get inside.

Which sucked for Del because his love life was going great.

But as Cuba alluded to, something bad’s gonna go down…

..and it won’t be Alan’s boner.

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