Bikini Shark Bait! Live on TV!

11.22.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

This Friday night, Nat Geo WILD will air “Shark Attack Experiment: LIVE,” in which a team of divers and conservationists will test various myths about shark attacks by getting in the water and DARING SHARKS TO BITE THEM ON LIVE TELEVISION. Oh man, I am SO Team Shark!

Shark Attack Experiment: LIVE will beam from some of the world’s most shark-infested waters off the coast of South Africa. Here, a team of free-divers and conservationists put their safety on the line to separate shark attack myths from realities… This is no stunt; the goal is to dispel negative myths about sharks and raise public awareness that some shark species are being driven to extinction by overfishing. [NatGeo]

Good Lord this sounds awesome. If there’s one thing I respect, it’s gambling with human lives to prove a point.

But wait — what’s that? You’re only interested if the shark conservationists in danger are SEXY shark conservationists? DONE AND DONE. In the video below, Gail Addison (banner image) and Olivia Symcox (inset) swim around with dangerous black-tipped reef sharks in nothing but skimpy bikinis to see if exposed skin is tempting to sharks. It’s great — and a complete surprise to me. I always figured “BIKINI SHARK BAIT LIVE!” would be a Syfy original movie, not a real event.

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