A Very Tired Bill Murray Returned To ‘The Late Show’ To Nap And Steal An Audience Member

Look folks, it’s Hollywood celebrity Bill Murray. Stephen Colbert might’ve been sharing a tale about a man’s friendship with his penguin friend, noting how the creature traveled hundreds of miles to reunite with his human pal. But none of that matters because Bill Murray is here to do what he does best. Creepily touch a female audience member and take a nap.

Murray, dressed in his best slippers and carrying a suit bag, was laid out in the front row of the Ed Sullivan Theater and taking a bit of a snooze. Colbert raises him from his slumber before realizing it is Murray, but the tone changes quick. He doesn’t say a word, but he does manage to make a silent request to take his female seatmate along for the ride. She at least had a bit of choice in the matter.

It is funny to think that Bill Murray just broke into the theater at night or wandered in before the show started, hoping to find David Letterman for a random interview. It’s a bit of a rude awakening to find out your old friend isn’t around, but everybody seems happy in the end. Also, how about that penguin? You don’t find a friendship like that everyday.

(Via The Late Show)