Bill Burr Gets Very Depressed By The People Waiting In Line For Black Friday

Entertainment Writer

In honor of Black Friday this year, the folks over at Team Coco uploaded a classic clip of Bill Burr appearing on the show around the holidays and dumping his feelings about the day after Thanksgiving. Burr has shared his thoughts on pretty much everything at this point, always leading to a fairly entertaining appearance on Conan. His most recent saw him share a lot about the Donald Trump victory in election 2016, something which apparently got him a lot of flack if you listen to his podcast.

But this isn’t about Trump, it’s about Black Friday. And to be honest, Burr is spot on:

Thanksgiving is my favorite because you get to eat in that type of thing.
I don’t like black Friday type of stuff.
Freaks me out.
Makes me sad for Americans, watching them get Trampled.
Why would you do that to yourself?
Why wouldn’t just admit you can’t afford it at regular prices.

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