Bill Burr Returns To The Jim Jefferies Show To Share His Problem With The World Cup And Foreign TV Hosts

Entertainment Writer

The last time Bill Burr stopped by The Jim Jefferies Show, the duo bonded over their distrust of the future and had a nearly 20 minute chat about almost anything. The clip Comedy Central shared this time around is much shorter, but still full of the same kind of fun as the first time. It’s almost just like a random friendly pop in framed as a segment of television. They don’t promote anything, they don’t really dive deep on any real current events, it’s just a fun chat. If there was some beer, it’d be like overhearing some friends talking at the bar.

Things start off with the World Cup, with Burr saying he watched some of the games and the first half of the final until a flop ruined his enjoyment. This quickly turns on Jim Jefferies and other foreign TV hosts “sh*tting on America”:

“If I see one more f*cking British or Australian c*nts hosting a show over here, sh*tting on America. Jesus Christ, acting like your squeegeeing our third eye. Really, Jim? Is it f*cked up, we didn’t notice.”

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