Bill Clinton's Favorite TV Ad Reveals that Bill Clinton Doesn't Watch Enough TV

I’m a sucker for Bill Clinton, but as one of the few notable people to come out of my home state, I kind of have to be. I have no idea what Clinton was doing speaking to the ad industry in Cannes yesterday, however, other than the fact that he’s Bill goddamn Clinton and he can do as he pleases, especially if it means million dollar speaking fees. In the course of his remarks, however, he revealed what his favorite TV commercial is, and while it’s an amusing spot, it certainly doesn’t rank as one of the best.

“My favorite ads in the United States are those ads encouraging people to switch from cable to DirecTV. You have a problem. Something disastrous happens. You don’t get along with your daughter. She winds up having an alternative lifestyle, marries a guy with too many tattoos. She ends up having a child who wears a dog collar. Now, you have a granddaughter with a dog collar. Switch to DirecTV. … They’re the most hilarious ads I’ve ever seen.”

Ever? Good God, President Clinton. Clearly, the man needs to spend less time posing with porn stars and more time watching TV. No. Wait. That’s not right. Anyway, it’s an OK spot, but far from the most hilarious ad ever. That title, of course, belongs to the Terry Tate spots. Obviously.

Here’s the ad Clinton was referring to (and below that, Terry Tate’s spot).

(via Buzzfeed)

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