Bill Cosby Allegedly Made Some Odd Requests When He Stopped By ‘The Late Show’ Over The Years

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11.23.14 31 Comments

The entire Bill Cosby scandal is a mess. A story that just keeps popping up with new details, odder stories, and newer accusations at every turn. This alleged incident from The Late Show With David Letterman is probably one of the oddest yet.

Luckily it has little to do with any new rape accusations. Instead it involves Cosby’s odd backstage habits and requests during his visits to Letterman over the years. This could be something we’d write and talk about even if there wasn’t a darker side to the story. From The New York Daily News:

“He’d include as a request, before he arrived, that the young girls, interns and assistants, all had to gather around in the green room backstage and sit down and watch him eat curry,” our stunned source explains. “No one would say anything, and he would sit silently eating and make us watch and want us to watch.”

The Daily News’ source added that everyone allegedly hated the ritual, but were asked to do it anyway because “that’s what [Cosby] wanted.” I can’t imagine the horror that came along with having to watch Bill Cosby eat curry in silence. The smell alone is enough to make me hate life, so I can’t imagine being stuck in a green room with it and an aging comedian.

I think we all can understand why this story has come to light now. That part makes sense. The part that doesn’t is how it could exist in reality. This is some Black Lodge level junk, with just enough detail to make you think it is true. If I had to give a definitive opinion on this, I’d say it isn’t true or is at least a deformed version of the truth.

In terms of backstage behavior, silently eating curry while a bunch of interns stare at you is pretty low on the list. I’d say Def Leppard and even the guys from Air Supply had wilder times backstage. Maybe not as funny, though.

(Via Daily News / Business Insider)

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