Atlanta’s Spelman College Discontinued Its Bill Cosby-Funded Professorship

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The fall of the house of Bill Cosby continues in the wake of his damning deposition. Even Cosby’s fancy CAA agent and biggest celebrity supporter have dropped him. Cosby isn’t entirely alone. His wife, Camille, still believes Cosby had “consent” to drug women and have sex with them. We’ve also heard more details, including how Cosby got the Quaaludes from a gynecologist. All of this information only adds to the creepy detail that Cosby played a beloved OB/GYN on television on a show that continued in syndication until recently.

The latest bit of fallout comes from Spelman College, a prestigious, historically black women’s college. The institution announced that it’s cutting ties with Cosby. The college doesn’t specify a specific reason for its decision, but their timing tells the tale. Spelman’s William and Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Endowed Professorship (named for Cosby’s mother) will end, and the college will return any remaining funds to the Cosbys.

The BBC reports that Bill originally donated $20 million for the professorship. No one is certain how much of that amount remains. Bill certainly needs the money at this point, but Spelman’s move carries far more weight than dollars. In a statement recorded by CNN, Spelman refuses to provide an explanation other than to confirm ties severed with Cosby. Many believe that A Different World (a spinoff of The Cosby Show) was loosely based upon Spelman college. Several of the show’s scenes were filmed in the college’s outdoor settings.

(via TMZ, CNN & BBC)