Bill Cosby Told Jon Stewart To Cool It With All The Filth Flarn Filth

11.20.13 31 Comments


Bill Cosby appeared on The Daily Show last night to promote his new special, Far From Finished. While the whole interview — both parts of which are posted below — was lighthearted and fun, Cosby did carve out a minute or two up front to let Jon Stewart know that he wasn’t particularly happy about all the foul language the latter used in a standup performance at a recent benefit the two attended. “What you have you to understand, Jonathan … from whenst I cometh, when people cursed, the next thing that was gonna happen was somebody was gonna hit you,” Cosby said. “See, now there’s a whole new culture. People curse and they laugh. But for me, when you were cursing, I started crying.”

For any of you who want to file this under “An elder statesman of comedy has had it with these damn kids of today,” as Cosby seems to want to do with the phrase “See, now there’s a whole new culture,” allow me to direct your attention to this clip from Eddie Murphy’s standup special, Raw, which came out over 25 years ago. (NSFW audio, obviously.)

So, yeah. Jon Stewart is in some pretty good company today.

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