Bill Cosby Will Return To NBC Next Year For A Brand New Family Comedy

Legendary comedian and Jell-O loyalist Bill Cosby is preparing to return to his familiar NBC home for a new sitcom. Via: The Hollywood Reporter:

NBC executives announced at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour that Rules of Engagement alum Mike Sikowitz and Mike O’Malley are writing and producing the comedy, which hails from Sony Pictures Television. The network hopes O’Malley…has a co-starring role on the Bill Cosby project, which it described as a “classic, big, extended family sitcom.” Cosby — who has a talent deal with the network — will star as the family patriarch and father to three married daughters with children. Greenblatt stressed that the project is a script commitment and, if it works, could be on the air either next summer or fall 2015.

Bill Cosby is an American comedy staple, but this is a different NBC we’re talking about here. I tuned into The Michael J. Fox Show just because Michael J. Fox was in it. We all know how THAT went. Hopefully this series can become a hit. I don’t want to see another failed show take down an American icon. I mean, Cosby barely got out of Ghost Dad alive.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)