Bill Hader’s Alec Baldwin Impression On ‘South Park’ Was The Best Thing On Television Last Night

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09.26.13 22 Comments

South Park’s 17th season premiered last night and took on the NSA as advertised. Trey Parker and Matt Stone were — as always — equal opportunity lampooners, giving it both to how the NSA operates and the self-important blowhards delusional enough to turn the debate to the notion that they are personally being spied on by the government. All was well deserved.

But the most important and entertaining part of the episode was new South Park contributor, Bill Hader’s, running Alec Baldwin voice work and the “Sh*tter” thought-based social media jokes. Brilliance all around. Here’s the intro of the running gag that deserves its own supercut stat. NSFW audio.

Every time I’ve been around Alec Baldwin he wouldn’t stop talking about pu**y sandwiches. So I guess what I’m trying to say is ACCURATE.

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