Bill Hader Discusses Stefon’s ‘Possible’ Return And A Scene From The Movie He’s Not Going To Make

Bill Hader was a guest on Larry King’s Hulu series Larry King Now, and during the interview the former Saturday Night Live star left open the possibility of some kind of future appearance by everyone’s favorite city correspondent, Stefon, saying the character “‘possibly will” come back to NBC’s long-running sketch show.” (The smart money, if you’re a gambler, would probably be an appearance on Seth Meyers’s final night at the Weekend Update desk before leaving to take over Late Night.)

He also talked about the possibility of a Stefon sitcom, when pressed by King…

A sitcom? I haven’t heard that one. People always talk about a movie. A Stefon sitcom would actually be pretty great. Do it multi-camera, and he has, like, a normal neighbor and stuff.

… and a Stefon movie, saying again that it’s unlikely at best.

“We did have an idea for a movie. We talked a little bit about an idea for a movie and then we were like, ‘I don’t think it will work,'” Hader said. “We did have one funny scene which was making John [Mulaney] and I laugh, which was Stefon coming out to his family, and his parents are blue collar people from the Bronx.”

Oh, great. Here I am, firmly in the camp of Please Don’t Make A Stefon Movie, Just Have Him Come Back To Weekend Update Or Show Up Seth Meyers’s New Show Like Once A Year, and now all I can think about is casting for Stefon’s blue collar Bronx family. SOMEONE RE-ANIMATE JERRY ORBACH.

(via The Wrap)