Bill Hader Is Back To Give That Heel Old Man Michaels The Business In These ‘SNL’ Promos

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10.08.14 8 Comments

I always feel a lot more positive about SNL when a former cast member shows up to host the show. Bill Hader is especially promising given his track record and status as the best SNL alum in the past ten years (my own opinion, but I’m sure others would agree).

The promos for this week’s episode are another good sign because, like the Chris Pratt promos, they’re actually pretty funny. There’s even a little mini-Whats Up With That? reunion at one point. Unlike Chris Pratt’s episode, I feel like this episode will be stronger. If it isn’t, I’ll cut off my finger in shame and proceed to walk the Earth begging forgiveness. Or I’ll just go to Hardees and eat a five pound chest blocker.

(Via Saturday Night Live)

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