Here’s Bill Hader Describing What It Was Like To Work The Phones For A Playboy Call-In Sex Show

If you’ve ever seen Bill Hader as a guest on a late night talk show you’re acutely aware of two things: 1) He’s arguably the best couch interview going, and 2) He had a lot of random jobs prior to making it in comedy. One day I’m going to create a timeline of Hader Odd Jobs (which will include getting that “F*ck You T-Mobile” money) but for now let’s just note that the man has definitely worked as a movie theater usher and an assistant on James Franco’s James Dean movie. Now we can add to that list the time he scored a gig as a PA for Playboy Channel’s live phone-in sex show “Night Calls.”

A *friend* of mine who saw an episode or two during it’s twelve year run tells me the show was less sexy and more depressing. Hader confirms in the above clip it was that times ten when you’re the one taking call in requests and getting the porn stars magazines.

Once you’re done with that bit of storytelling magic, here’s Hader on a memorable cut SNL sketch where he was to play Casey Kasem’s son, opposite Dana Carvey’s Casey Kasem. Would have watched.

And finally here’s Hadar on the Judd Apatow/Amy Schumer movie he just finished filming. Will watch.

Never stop being the best, Bill Hader.