Bill Hader Cuts His ‘SNL’ Monologue Short To Jump Right Into ‘The Californians’

Bill Hader served as one of the funniest talents on Saturday Night Live for eight seasons, and that kind of familiarity with the show really made itself known in his opening monologue.

After briefly explaining the difference between hosting and being a regular cast member on the show, Hader hijacked his own monologue by forgoing the scheduled first commercial and just jumping into a new episode of, what else, The Californians. Apparently, Hader never knew those fake SNL commercials between the opening and the first live sketch were just that, fake. So, instead of having us watch another promo for toothpaste made of crack or something, Hader gave the fans what they really wanted. Some backstage help rushed on-stage to transform Hader into stoned-surfer-dude-turned-handyman Devin and the whole cast jumped right in, including Fred Armisen who brought Stuart back and Kate McKinnon who played the estate manager now that Rosa (Vanessa Bayer) has been deported.

So not only were we treated to even more sketch goodness from Hader (because let’s be real, monologues are rarely worth it) but we also got to listen to Armisen worry about his athleisure wear launch and Devin and Stuart argue about traffic on the 110. Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough draaaaama, Devin’s long-lost son with Rosa (Pete Davidson in a man bun) showed up.

(Via SNL)