Bill Lawrence Is Stepping Down as 'Cougar Town' Showrunner

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05.17.12 6 Comments

Less than a week after it was announced “Cougar Town” would be moving to TBS, presumably because it’s “Very Funny,” co-creators Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs”) and Kevin Biegel said that they would be stepping down as showrunners for next season. (Sidenote: it’s amazing to think that 10 years ago, no one gave two sh*ts about showrunners; now, we talk about them nearly as much as we do actors. Also, Turk Dance.)

It turns out Bill Lawrence and co-creator Kevin Biegel are indeed planning to step back from day-to-day oversight of “Cougar Town.” They’ll remain actively involved in the creative direction of the show, but Lawrence, Biegel, and Cox are now hunting for a new showrunner to oversee the first batch of ten episodes for TBS. It’s unclear yet whether they’ll bring in someone from the outside or look from within the show’s current writing ranks. (Via)

So, although he won’t be “running” “Cougar Town,” Lawrence will still be an active participant in the creative decisions behind the show, something he wanted to make very clear on Twitter:

Lawrence is one of the very few people who can get away with using “chill” and “shiz” in the same tweet.

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