Bill Maher Tells The GOP To Do What They Do Best: Punt And Play Defense

Entertainment Writer
04.09.16 7 Comments

When it comes to the upcoming election, the prospects of a Republican victory look grim on both sides of the aisle. For the Democrats, it’s the end of their control in the White House and another tenure under the GOP rule. For the Republicans, it means they’re stuck with Ted Cruz or Donald Trump — barring a miracle convention, of course. Bill Maher is like a lot of liberal pundits out there who feel that Hillary Clinton has no worries about truly losing this election. And that’s why he’s telling the GOP to punt the ball.

Punting isn’t giving up. Instead, it should be viewed as a strategic move that allows a team to rely on its defense for a bit while the offense gets its stuff together. That’s what Maher says. Rebuild the party, muck up the system a bit more, block every initiative that Clinton tries to move forward, and enjoy forwarding offensive pictures of her behind the scenes. Basically the same thing they’ve done for eight years.

Clinton likely will have it a lot harder if she wins the election in November. Obama might’ve had to deal with claims that he’s a Kenyan socialist Muslim sleeper agent from various positions — some of them credible — but Clinton has had plenty of time to gain a reputation among the public and her peers in DC. Her victory would dig up every trick in the book to make her look bad, on top of the stuff she already has out there.

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