Bill Maher Takes On Islam Again, Calling Out ‘Bullsh*t’ Being Shared From The Refugee Debate

When it comes to the debate about Islam or faith in general, attempting to express your opinion on the matter will typically result in a strong response from all sides. Bill Maher is no stranger to these sorts of battles, jumping into the most recent fray once again to call out claims that those who follow Islam, like Syrian refugees, share many values with Americans. Maher calls that bullsh*t:

“If you are in this religion, you probably do have values that are at odds. This is what liberals don’t want to recognize,” Maher said. “This idea that somehow we do share values that all religions are alike is bullshit.”

It’s hard to really disagree with him on the general idea. We may share a basic value somewhere that follows “the golden rule” and other elements, but multiple beliefs exist due to those differences. Maher likely could’ve went a little softer, but the message certainly isn’t muddled.

The host faced some push back from his panel, including Chrystia Freeland who noted that diversity was a way to show superiority to ISIS and Sen. Angus King who noted that part of the ISIS strategy was to push for a western backlash against the religion. Maher sticks to his own beliefs here, mixing in a bit of common sense with the loud disagreements.

Very easy to be naive or idealistic when it comes to what we want from society, but current events and history do have a way of making one cynical. Is Maher right?

(Via HBO / Mediaite)