Bill Maher: ‘If Jerry Seinfeld Is Too Politically Incorrect For You, Maybe You Should Look In The Mirror’

Bill Maher weighed in on Jerry Seinfeld’s comments against the tide of outrage and political correctness with Jeff Ross, and he took a familiar stand on the topic. It’s not the first time that Maher has hit back at the sensitivity of audiences and Maher is a person you’d expect to speak out on the topic, not Jerry Seinfeld.

That’s sort of the same thing that Maher says, noting that Jerry Seinfeld is the farthest thing from politically incorrect. Jeff Ross is probably a little closer and proves it when he mentions all the hot chicks on college campuses. Happy or mad audiences, it doesn’t matter to him.

Ross does make a good point about comedy, though. It does allow us to explore the darker parts of society with a smile. Putting a block on that is a bit troubling.

(Via HBO)