Bill Maher On The ‘American Sniper’ Controversy: ‘He’s A Psychopathic Patriot And We Love Him’

American Sniper has become one of those movie experiences that seems to grab people and transport them to one side of a debate or another, usually one that transcends the movie itself. We’ve covered it a lot over the past week and explored the debate, but Real Time with Bill Maher showcased the split first hand last night.

Maher moves his panel into the subject, comparing the film with Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker and referring to Chris Kyle as “a psychopathic patriot” that Americans love. From there it sparks the discussion and the split is obvious, but not as obvious as it is between Seth Rogen and his uncle Kid Rock.

I finally saw the movie myself and I thought it was alright. Maher bringing up The Hurt Locker is nice because I liked it a bit better, but both seemed to fudge facts for the sake of creating a movie. It’s only when you start to focus on the real man and the real events that the controversy seems to bubble up.

(Via Mediaite / HBO)