Bill Maher Begrudgingly Picks A Candidate For The Republican Presidential Nomination

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03.27.16 4 Comments

Better Ted Than Dead.” That’s the slogan that Bill Maher whipped out on one of those now infamous red hats used by Donald Trump’s campaign. Maher has fully bought into the idea that Trump needs to be stopped and is the greater evil among the other Republican candidates for president. Seems to be something that many figured out too late for it to matter, including those in charge of the GOP.

But still, Maher says that Ted Cruz is the better option. And by saying this, he’s forced to down a shot of bleach to cleanse the name from his mouth. The bleach is the image that was passed around with this clip, so I just assumed he was opting to drink it instead of actually choosing a candidate to “support” on the other side. I was incorrect, but saying Ted Cruz is the viable option against Donald Trump probably isn’t much different than drinking bleach.

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