Bill Maher Decides To Discuss ‘Legalizing It’ By Lighting Up Live On ‘Real Time’

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02.13.16 6 Comments

Bill Maher had a highly entertaining Real Time on Friday night, possibly because he knew he was going to get a chance to unwind on camera by the end of the show. During his “New Rules” segment, Maher discussed legalizing weed and getting into the pot business. He gives a nice look at both sides of the debate and how despite the progress made on the legalizing front, there’s still plenty of push back from the opposing side.

He then decides to cement his position on the matter by whipping out a fine joint and lighting up. It’s a nice segment and it gets even better with the Overtime segment when Killer Mike finds out that the marijuana in question was some of his that he’d shared before. Or it was some of his mother’s marijuana, apparently making her a very happy lady.

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