Walton Goggins Got Some Pretty Blunt Acting Advice From Bill Murray On ‘Vice Principals’


Walton Goggins stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday to promote his new HBO comedy, Vice Principals, which features him and Danny McBride as the titular subjects. Throughout the series, Lee Russell (Goggins) and Neal Gamby (McBride) are vying for the empty high school principal’s chair after their boss resigns from the position. Few details exist regarding the head honcho’s decision to leave, but thanks to a recent advice-filled trailer, we know that the part is played by none other than Bill Murray. A distraught-looking Murray who reminds the two men, “It’s all about the students. It’s not about you two.”

The show’s premise involves Lee and Neal ignoring said advice. Per what Goggins told Kimmel, however, he was all too willing to take Murray’s acting advice after he repeatedly ruined his comedy hero’s takes:

When it was on him and action was called, I just started laughing. I couldn’t… It’s like, “That’s the gopher! That’s Meatballs!” It’s like all of it… I was just kind of consumed with laughter. Literally two hours into the day I said, “Hey, man. How do you really do what you do? Is there some secret?” He said, “Yeah, by not laughing during another person’s take.”

Needless to say, the starstruck Goggins took Murray’s advice and kept quiet for the rest of the day. Besides, if there’s anything you definitely don’t want to do, it’s ruin Murray’s take.

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