Bill Murray Channeled His Inner Liberace For His Latest Letterman Appearance

As the video we posted the other day demonstrates, UPROXX hero Bill Murray has been one of David Letterman’s more prolific guests over the years, and for good reason: he’s captivating and hysterical. In recent times, he’s taken to showing up wearing ridiculous costumes as if to up the ante a bit, so you just knew that tonight he’d do something special.

Why, you ask? Well because tomorrow will mark the 20-year anniversary of Letterman’s CBS show. And who was the first guest on that show? You guessed it — Bill Murray, who was promoting Groundhog Day at the time. Further, guess who was the very first guest on Letterman’s old NBC show when it debuted in 1982? You guessed it, Bill Murray.

So, with that said, here is Bill Murray’s intro tonight on Letterman, being absolutely fabulous prior to jackhammering Letterman’s set and serenading him with “I Will Always Love You,” among other things.

And as an added bonus, here’s the aforementioned Murray/Letterman interview from 1993…

And here, in two parts, is the aforementioned interview from Letterman’s first show on NBC in 1982…