Bill Murray Hijacked ‘Letterman’ Last Night With Martha Stewart Jokes And We’re All The Better For It

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04.03.14 3 Comments


Andrew shared the only Lady Gaga selfie I’ll ever approve of last night after The Late Show posted a single quick video of Bill Murray meets Lady Gaga last night. Well, now all the footage from the show — where Bill Murray and his bucket list pretty much took things over — is available and per our mandate I’ll be sharing every Bill-related piece of media available.

As much as the idea of The King of Hollywood carrying around a clipboard bucket list pains me, Bill was on his A game last night, half-committing to the bit but fully committing to his banter with Dave. Things kicked off with a monologue tag-in where Bill told a single Putin joke that may or may not have had a punchline, but the appearance peaks in the first thirty seconds of the third video below when Bill goes off on a strange and wonderful Martha Stewart tangent. If you don’t watch anything else do yourself a favor and watch that.

Bill & Dave then transitioned to a brief interview, complete with a clip from Murray’s latest film (Grand Budapest Hotel) that he doesn’t “even know what the movie’s about.” The 2:30 mark on is recommend.

And finally, here’s the full Bill Murray-Gaga video that was pretty much an elaborate ruse to get the audience to migrate venues, but it’s all worth it for the first thirty seconds about Martha Stewart (who had just made an appearance). Because seriously, what is her deal?

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