Bill Murray Made Arguably The Best Entrance Any Letterman Guest Has Ever Made Last Night

Oh Bill Murray. Where do we even begin with this guy? Our love simply knows know bounds. And perhaps the only things we around here love more than Bill Murray are Bill Murray appearances on Letterman. They are usually funny and memorable. Last night was no different.

In the clip below, Murray makes an entrance unlike any I’ve ever seen on the show, complete with him getting fake tasered by the goons who brought him to the theater bound in the back of an SUV. Later, he and Letterman hilariously recreate the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. The only disappointment in this is that Murray wasn’t wearing the Murray’s Cheese Shop t-shirt he bought the other day.

Here’s the aforementioned entrance…

And here’s the aforementioned recreating of the Christmas tree lighting…

(Via Splitsider. GIF via.)