Bill Murray’s Christmas Special Is Still Happening And It’s Got Some Amazing Guest Stars

Hey, remember when Bill Murray told Variety that he and Sofia Coppola were doing a Christmas special? It’s still happening, despite the announcement coming back in October (well before last Christmas). I think 2015 was always the target date, but who knows or cares. It’s still Bill Murray, It’s still not live, it’s still going to have music, and now it’s going to have an all-star supporting cast along to help celebrate. From THR:

The lure of working with Lost in Translation collaborators Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray has proved too powerful to resist for the likes of George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Miley Cyrus and Maya Rudolph, who, like Murray, will play themselves — with some even singing carols — on a Coppola-directed 2015 Christmas project.

Sources say a deal still is being worked out for distribution on the special, which follows the notoriously agent- and manager-less actor as he evades the advances of a shark dying to sign him.

The AV Club positions it all as a Scrooge-type scenario with the ghosts and the well wishes, but I think I actually like the main premise a little better. Not only can we relive his fantastic Jaws love theme from #SNL40, but we can do away with the old timey traditions for one year and give sharks the Christmas shine they’ve truly deserved.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter / The AV Club)