SCIENCE: Watch Bill Nye’s Second Performance On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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09.24.13 3 Comments

We’re not usually interested in Dancing With The Stars, but we were enthused when Bill Nye went on the show for a routine set to the Weird Science theme. This needs to exist if for no other reason than glorious GIFs like this:

Yes, ABC, this will suffice.

Last night, Nye’s second dance routine took a dusty-haired Beethoven and introduced him to a woman he couldn’t resist, set to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (video below). Bill Nye did well enough, and his dance partner Tyne Stecklein was killing it.

However, this being a reality-ish competition on network television, there were plenty of other things about the production that made this 4-minute video difficult to sit through. Which can only mean one thing. It’s time to play a game called Count The Number Of Douche Chills, in which we catalog the cringeworthy moments of an overproduced mass entertainment product:

Placing supposed Mensa members (who look like day players) in the audience?


And they’re wearing lab coats?


Making a joke about smart people having bad fashion sense for wearing what the wardrobe department put them in?


Quick-cut editing that presupposes we have the attention span of crack-addled ferrets?


An overly-animated judge exaggerating his accent while trilling, “a ferocious and fearsome maestro”?


Tom Bergeron?

Check and check.

(H/T: Tastefully Offensive and Damn That’s Whack)

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