SCIENCE: Watch Bill Nye’s Second Performance On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

We’re not usually interested in Dancing With The Stars, but we were enthused when Bill Nye went on the show for a routine set to the Weird Science theme. This needs to exist if for no other reason than glorious GIFs like this:

Yes, ABC, this will suffice.

Last night, Nye’s second dance routine took a dusty-haired Beethoven and introduced him to a woman he couldn’t resist, set to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (video below). Bill Nye did well enough, and his dance partner Tyne Stecklein was killing it.

However, this being a reality-ish competition on network television, there were plenty of other things about the production that made this 4-minute video difficult to sit through. Which can only mean one thing. It’s time to play a game called Count The Number Of Douche Chills, in which we catalog the cringeworthy moments of an overproduced mass entertainment product:

Placing supposed Mensa members (who look like day players) in the audience?


And they’re wearing lab coats?


Making a joke about smart people having bad fashion sense for wearing what the wardrobe department put them in?


Quick-cut editing that presupposes we have the attention span of crack-addled ferrets?


An overly-animated judge exaggerating his accent while trilling, “a ferocious and fearsome maestro”?


Tom Bergeron?

Check and check.

(H/T: Tastefully Offensive and Damn That’s Whack)