Bill Nye Defends Himself From Some Heated Mars Hate On ‘The Nightly Show’

The Nightly Show spent its final panel segment focusing on the discovery of water on Mars, and Bill Nye was the guest of honor to take on contributors Ricky Velez and Michelle Buteau on the topic. And the hate seemed to be strong against Mars, or at least the idea that the news regarding Mars is interesting. Nye actually seemed to take a little bit of offense to amount of playful hate coming at NASA’s recent discovery on the Red Planet, but he sticks with it and provides some nice points.

Of course, those points are shot down by jokes about flight times and Caitlyn Jenner, but that should be expected on Comedy Central. The most interesting part is where Nye tries to connect everybody to the possibility that rocks and asteroids from Mars may have made their way here, and helped to create the life we all seem to enjoy and take for granted on a daily basis. This would mean we’re all descended from Martians, meaning that guy on Ancient Aliens just blew every load he has left across the entirety of his apartment.

I personally think that this segment does more to highlight the ongoing indifference to the whole space program, and what folks consider important on a daily basis. I can’t blame folks for being more concerned with ISIS or who will be president in 2016, but the entire Mars discovery is pretty damn cool, too. And while it might not mean a lot in the present day, it could be something for the future.

(Via The Nightly Show)