The Internet Is Having A Ball Photoshopping Bill Nye’s Climate Change Walk Of Doom

Good sport Bill Nye can often be found in a variety of serious scenarios, but he maintains a sense of humor. He once gamely read his own mean tweets, but he can take assurance in his collective fandom, which delivered Nye with the most funded Kickstarter documentary of all-time. Nye’s lovable geekery leads him towards many serious subjects, and he defends his perspectives with enthusiasm. From the discovery of water on Mars to anti-abortion legislators, Nye will science it up to make a point.

One of Nye’s most controversial topics of focus is climate change. He believes this phenomenon causes increased flooding and many other weather effects. During National Geographic’s Explorer: Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown special, Nye reached the end of the road after hearing a projected end date for mankind. He sank into dejection. Then Nye undid his famous bow tie, lit a cigarette, and strutted sadly down the road:

Nye hits his nadir in a desert meeting with an apocalyptic ecologist, Guy McPherson, who has built something of an “End of Days” following through his prediction that the human race will be gone by 2030.

McPherson’s deadpan pronouncements send Nye into a nihilistic tailspin, including a rare unraveling of his bow tie and a cigarette-puffing walk down the middle of a highway, followed by a hilarious cigar-smoking session back in his therapist’s office.

Here’s a screencap of Bill poking fun at himself during a final stage of grief.

Naturally, Reddit is all over this image with a Photoshop war for the ages. Here are the best entries with movie poster madness galore.

In addition to posters, the competition also covered an Eminem album cover and a Joker scene from The Dark Knight.

(Via Reddit)

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