Bill Nye Did The Robot To Daft Punk While Wearing A Robot Costume Because SCIENCE

I swear to you guys when we covered Bill Nye’s first performance on Dancing with the Stars we didn’t intend to make this a weekly thing, but then The Science Guy channeled Beethoven in his second installment and it’s not like we were going to let that go unnoticed.

The trend continued last night as everyone’s favorite childhood educational hero upped his own SCIENCE meets dancing/costumes ante despite competing injured. Bill Nye really is the hero we need right now in the midst of all other leaders being the worst.

The video labels this as his final performance, so maybe he was voted off, but I am in no way willing to do the research required to find out who was voted off Dancing with the Stars. Just FYI.

What’s that? You’d like a GIF for posterity’s sake?

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