‘Bill Nye Saves The World’ Gets A Celebrity-Packed New Trailer

As you may have heard, Netflix is bringing Bill Nye back in Bill Nye Saves The World. But we haven’t exactly gotten a handle on how the show works, until now, and it turns out to be a chat show where Nye allows a litany of celebrities to geek out.

Each of the 13 episodes, arriving April 21st, revolves around a specific theme, from climate change to genetic engineering to terrifying Donald Faison, who experiences close encounters with fire twice in this trailer. It’ll tackle the science or lack thereof behind each subject, with celebrities ranging from Alton Brown and Tim Gunn to Karlie Kloss and Steve Aoki talking about the subject and assisting Bill with a few experiments. He also has a set of correspondents out in the field, interacting with the public and getting their stomachs yelled at. No really. That happens.

It’s welcomely adult-focused with a sketch comedy feel, sort of a Daily Show except about scientific endeavor. And arguably, in a world where scientists are hiding data and people stubbornly refuse to admit climate change is a fact, that’s what we need, right now. But we’ll see just how it shakes out when the show arrives April 21st.

(via Netflix)