Bill O’Reilly Has Advice For Both Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton For The Third Debate

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10.18.16 6 Comments

As the presidential nominees prepare for the third (and thankfully) last debate, they are receiving advice from a somewhat friendly source. Bill O’Reilly stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to say the best thing the candidates can do during the presidential debate is ignore each other and get down to business. Previously, Donald Trump has used debates to criticize Hillary Clinton, and Clinton has tried to get under Trump’s skin. On Monday’s episode of the Late Show, O’Reilly said if they each stick to the issues during the debate it won’t be a hostile affair:

“If I’m Secretary Clinton, I ignore Donald Trump. If I’m Secretary Clinton, I’m trying to look right into the camera and say, ‘Look, I’m not as bad as they’re portraying me to be. I’m not this dragon-lady. I really want to help you and here’s how I wanna help you.’”

His advice for Trump had to do with The Donald’s assertions that this election has been rigged. The Donald has supported numerous conspiracy theories this election season and asked his supporters to keep an eye on the polls for any funny business on Election Day. While O’Reilly said he believes some media outlets are specifically going after Trump, he doesn’t believe it is rigged. He said this is an argumentative election and the best thing for Trump is to keep his mouth shut:

“It’s not rigged, no. But it’s not a traditional election. If you look at the polling, everybody’s angry in the country, everybody’s mad. Stop whining. Nobody cares about the ‘rigged’ stuff.’”

It’s pretty blunt advice from O’Reilly, who has come across as the voice of reason at times during this presidential election. But Bill is still capable of saying some cringeworthy stuff too. We’ll see if the candidates heed his advice on Wednesday night.

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