Bill O’Reilly Continues His Marriage Equality Crusade Against ‘Bible Thumpers’

04.03.13 5 years ago 73 Comments

What is going on here, people? Up is down, left is right, night is day! Bill O’Reilly, the Fox news blowhard, is yet again defending marriage equality against “Bible Thumpers.” Has O’Reilly forgotten who is audience is, or has the man magically gained common sense?

A few weeks ago, O’Reilly made his first public statement, not exactly for marriage equality, but not against it, either. He was basically of the opinion that “It doesn’t bother me, and the conservative right has no real argument against it.” Sensing the public’s shift in opinion, I assume, O’Reilly is quickly becoming a defender of marriage equality against the likes of Laura Ingraham, who shares a sizable portion of her audience with O’Reilly. In a heated exchange last night, O’Reilly essentially blasted Ingraham for failing to promote a decent secular argument against marriage equality.

“If you want to stand up for heterosexual marriage, you have to do it outside of the Bible. You can’t cite the Bible because you’ll lose if you do it.”

After Laura Ingraham insisted that that was disrespectful to people who “try to live their lives” by the Bible, O’Reilly shot back:

“It’s not disrespectful. In their PRIVATE life they can. We’re talking about POLICY … don’t you understand the difference between private beliefs and public beliefs? … There are Bible thumpers who all they do is say ‘I don’t believe in gay marriage because God doesn’t believe in gay marriage. You don’t win a policy argument with that.”

Woah? Bill O’Reilly advocating a hard separation of church and state? Crazy.

Don’t believe me? See if for yourself.

When O’Reilly — the most vocal and popular television pundit on the right — starts siding with marriage equality, you damn well better know marriage equality is coming. Stand down, same-sex opponents. Just stand down. It’s over.

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