Bill O’Reilly Sets A List Of Demands For Future GOP Debates: ‘You Guys Sound Like A Bunch Of Democrats’

With the next GOP Presidential Debate coming up on the Fox Business Network next Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly has one clear message for the Republican candidates, and that is to quit their namby-pamby whining and complaining. On Tuesday night’s Tonight Show, O’Reilly joined Jimmy Fallon during his monologue with a list of demands, and aside from telling the candidates to “stop complaining” — saying they’re “starting to sound like a bunch of Democrats out there” — the O’Reilly Factor host wants them to answer the damn question, wrap it up in the allotted time limit, and for Trump to “take it down to like a six.”

O’Reilly later joined Fallon at his desk and elaborated, pointing out that the biggest issue currently plaguing the GOP debates is that they’re overly hostile with one another. When the debate turns into a cage match, voters aren’t going to get the information they need to make an informed decision. And as far as the candidates incessant whining goes, O’Reilly wants them to cut the crap, saying: “If you feel like you’re being treated unfairly, you’ve got a microphone. Let ’em have it.”

When Bill O’Reilly is the one making sense, you know we’re not in frigging Kansas anymore. The second part of the interview is below: