Alec Baldwin’s Brother Billy Wants To Be The Next Baldwin To Play A Trump On ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin‘s take on Donald Trump is one of the best things to come out of Saturday Night Live in years, helping to push their ratings to a 20 year record high and giving the President plenty to tweet angrily about. Adding in Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer (and the dream of Rosie O’Donnell as Steve Bannon), and SNL is as politically sharp and hilarious as it’s ever been. With Baldwin returning for a record-breaking time as host this coming Saturday, it’s pretty safe to assume that his slurring impression of The Donald will be on full display.

Baldwin’s brother, fellow actor Billy Baldwin, weighed in on his brother’s SNL legacy in an interview with Access Hollywood, jokingly saying that he should join in the family tradition.

“I’ll play, like, Eric Trump. I’ve got the slicked-back hair. I’m a little old for that, but yeah. Because I just have to sit there and go, ‘Duh.'”

Unfortunately, the familial bond would probably end there, as their other brother, Stephen, has been a vocal supporter of Trump since day one. While expressing his faint hope that a Trump presidency will be a successful one, he muses on whether or not his brother is still as gung ho in support.

“I just wonder if he’s having buyer’s remorse now. I mean, we’re a couple of weeks into it. Now, I’m trying to be patient, not in the first 100 days, but the first couple hundred days. But I just wish President Trump would give us a reason to feel good and to feel safe and to feel like he’s representing our interests. I want him to succeed, but I think that his definition of success is going to be very different than mine.”

If it ever feels like your family dinners are awkward, just imagine being at the Baldwin table.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)