Billy Eichner Is Headed To ‘American Horror Story’ Next Season

Getty Image

This time Ryan Murphy is the one making dreams come true, because it was just announced that Billy Eichner has been cast in the upcoming election-themed season of American Horror Story. As with most of the details of the upcoming season, Eichner’s role is being kept tightly under wraps, however “sources” are saying that his character will be “a close confidant of Paulson’s character and mostly will be wearing mysterious tank tops.”

Not just tank tops, but mysterious tank tops. More mysterious than those purple t-shirts he ubiquitously wears on Billy on the Street? Inquiring minds want to know.

It sounds as if Eichner’s role will be at least somewhat significant, as right now he’s slated to appear in “six or seven of the 11 episodes” in the seventh season, which is set to begin filming in May. This is of course excellent news for fans of both American Horror Story and Eichner; a Venn diagram of which would more than likely have a significant amount of overlap.

Adam Pally, who is currently starring on Fox’s Making History, managed to capture Eichner’s reaction just after the news was announced today and as with most things in life clearly he looked beyond thrilled.