Billy Eichner’s Dream Guest For ‘Billy On The Street’ Is Exactly Who You’d Expect It To Be

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Billy Eichner is having quite the moment right now. Aside from starring in Disney’s The Lion King remake, which opens this weekend, Billy on the Street just picked up its fourth Emmy nomination. While doing press rounds for the sure-to-be blockbuster film, Eichner was asked by who his dream guest for his “man on the street” style comedy game show would be.

As the comedian continues his ascent to A-list actor (he’ll also be starring in an upcoming Judd Apatow-produced rom-com about a gay couple), it’s likely going to be increasingly difficult to produce the series, given that his fame will eclipse that of his guest stars, and he’ll no longer be able to go unrecognized. Yet, for anyone who has ever watched an episode of Billy on the Street, Eichner’s answer was more or less predictable.

“Meryl. Meryl Streep. We always try to get Meryl. We will get her one day, hopefully,” he said. “Big Little Lies season five.”

It seems inevitable that one of these days, he’s gonna get Meryl. Whether they’ll get swarmed walking around the streets of New York City together is another question! In the meantime, you can watch this Billy on the Street Meryl Streep greatest hits compilation. “First of all her name is Meryl Streep, not Meryl Streak like she’s a porn star.”