Billy Eichner Will Find His ‘Romantic Match’ On ‘Difficult People’ And It’s Freakin’ John Cho

John Cho ranks high on the dream boyfriend power rankings and on the next season of Difficult People he’ll be enjoying a presumably “difficult” romance with Billy Eichner. That’s lovely news for everyone, really. Don’t be jealous.

Cho will be appearing in season 3 of Hulu’s acid-tongued comedy in a recurring role as Billy’s “romantic match” Todd. What brings them together? Being dicks! Well, other things too, but that’s what is being trumpeted in the press material.

‘Billy’ (Billy Eichner) has finally met his romantic match with ‘Todd,’ his first real boyfriend – an advertising executive who’s as much of a dick as ‘Billy’ and ‘Julie’ (Julie Klausner). ‘Billy’ and ‘Todd’ connect after neither of them backs down from a prank war, and season 3 follows the pair as ‘Billy’ has to navigate “couple” things, having only had ‘Julie’ has a soul mate previously.

What’s not to like, right? Cho also has a nice stockpile of comedy credentials. Beyond toplining the Harold & Kumar franchise with Kal Penn, the Star Trek vet co-starred opposite Karen Gillan on the dear departed ABC series Selfie. A multi-episode arc on Difficult People isn’t John Cho’s only TV gig on the horizon. Last summer, USA announced that Cho will play a brilliant con artist in the upcoming drama Connoisseur. If Billy Eichner would like to pop by that cable offering, that’d be swell too.